Use Premhouse Smart-Map! | Guidance to Dharmawangsa Essence Apartment, Kemang, South Jakarta

Are you checking some listing of apartment units which located around Kemang, South Jakarta area? Use Premhouse Smart-Map! Check Darmawangsa Essence Apartment that might be one of ideal apartments of you! This apartment is a private, luxurious and prestigious residential concept, located at the heart of Darmawangsa, consists of Eminence Tower, South Tower, East Tower and North Tower, developed at a 5.2 Ha land with a strong commitment to build only quarter part of its land and to keep the rest only for its green environmental development. 

Darmawangsa designs the living space with an elegant classic modern style and combine it with very exclusive building material such as marble floor on the living room and parquet floor on every bedroom, walking wardrobe, rain shower in the bathroom, standing bathtub, vanity mirror and complete kitchen set, which provides an electronic security control system with access card system and CCTV support.

Property Maintenance is One Element of Property Management

If you are new to being a landlord you might find some aspects of the job easier than others. Property maintenance is often one of the tasks that can seem quite straightforward with renting a property as long as you are have a good knowledge of your local tradesman. If you are renting out a property that is not in your local area you might want to get the help of a property management company that will be able to handle this aspect of your rental property.

Initially when you let a property out you should always make sure that it looks in the best condition so that you will attract the best tenant for your property. However, over time the appearance of the property can deteriorate and this could lead to your tenant being unhappy with the property and deciding to move out.

Tips for Expat Moving to Jakarta

Sharing more info that may be useful to expats moving to Jakarta. I want to be honest about some of the things that we experienced when we moved to Jakarta in the hopes that it will help other expats who are moving there as well. There are some things that we had to do that I’m not so proud of, but we had to adjust to the culture of “giving tokens” or “tipping” quite a bit. (I am of course putting this politely). More info after the jump:


  • BRINGING IN BOTTLES WITH OUR SHIPMENT: Being Diplos, we thought that we would be able to bring a few bottles of alcohol duty free into Indonesia with our shipment. We had a small box of about 10 bottles, left over from our despedida or going away party. We know that diplomats from other country are able to bring in wine and beer from their countries via diplomatic cargo for personal consumption and entertaining so we thought it wouldn’t be a problem. We were wrong. They delayed our shipment and we had to pay more just so they would release it. I don’t know if this applies to countries with more political clout, but looking back, I would have left the bottles rather than had my shipment delayed and give them a reason to ask me for money.
  • BRINGING A BOTTLE WHEN FLYING IN: Each person is allowed One 1Liter bottle of sealed alcohol coming in so usually our expat friends bring a bottle every time they fly back to Jakarta or they request their friends who are visiting to bring a bottle.