Jakarta at Glance | Working in the Capital City

Are you thinking of working in Jakarta, also known as the “Big Durian” or “Big Apple”? Indonesia’s capital and largest city, as well as its economic and political center, has plenty of job opportunities. Our guide on working in Jakarta provides info on the economy, visas and health.

As is common for many megacities, Jakarta encompasses all walks of life from wealth to poverty. Although most people employed in Jakarta’s center and its skyscrapers are well off, the other side of the coin is a wide strip of slum landscape surrounding the city. When living and working in Jakarta, you need to be able to deal with such extremes. Working in Jakarta will, like any move to a foreign city, have its ups and downs.

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In our InterNations Recommended Blog section we let you take the spotlight! Expat life in general is, of course, a perfect breeding ground for great, user-generated reads, and life in Jakarta makes no exception. Take your time and browse the great blogs showcased in this article!

Everybody who has spent time in a different country knows that expat life is not quite like anything else in the world. The confusion of the first few days and weeks, the slow, but steady process of acclimation, the little peculiarities and quirks that might strike you about your new surroundings: almost any situation you encounter can make for a great story. If you are so inclined and want to blog about it, of course!

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Info Expat | Know About Jakarta

Jakarta is administratively divided into the following named districts:
  • Central Jakarta (Jakarta Pusat) - An aptly named district and the site of Jakarta's symbol, the National Monument. The old part of Jakarta (Batavia), The Presidential palace, office buildings, hotels, Mangga Dua shopping centre, Bundaran HI (Hotel Indonesia Traffic Circle) and the elite Menteng residential area are all found in Central Jakarta.
  • West Jakarta (Jakarta Barat) - Jakarta's Chinatown, this district includes museums, trading centres, nightlife entertainment centres, shopping centres and malls. This is also the site of Jakarta's old town.
  • South Jakarta (Jakarta Selatan) - Where you can find upscale shopping centres, malls, restaurants, hotels, nightlife the entertainment centre, Blok M, Senayan sports complex, and affluent residential areas.
  • East Jakarta (Jakarta Timur) - Location of Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, Utan Kayu art community, Cibubur camping ground, industrial parks and Halim Perdanakusuma airport.
  • North Jakarta (Jakarta Utara) - Beautiful Thousand Islands, Ancol Bayfront City, and Kelapa Gading shopping centres.

Cozy Apartment to Stay in Kemang

Beautiful homes tucked down alleys and narrow streets, the housing development in Kemang was not planned. Yet narrow streets and high traffic congestion don't keep expats away from Kemang neighborhoods. Beautiful homes with substantial gardens hide behind tall walls down undistinguished back roads. Kemang is 15-30 minutes from the Cilandak campus of Jakarta Intercultural School. Most grocery needs can be found in the Hero, Ranch Market and KemChicks that are located in the area. 

The opening of Kemang Village has brought a mall facility into the neighborhood. It's a 45 minute to 1 1/2 hour commute to the Golden Triangle. Many unique restaurants and shops that line the main streets of Kemang make it a unique neighborhood, however it is prone to traffic congestion due to the limited access streets and the one way traffic flow in the area. 

Neighbourhood in Jakarta | Guide to the Most Popular Places to Live in the City

Before you relocate to the Big Durian, here is a quick lowdown on the city’s top places to live - plus their pros and cons. 


Thinking about moving to the Big Durian? A fact of life here is the traffic so finding a place to live is a priority. Depending on your lifestyle, needs and priorities, living in Jakarta can mean many different things. We’ve rounded up some helpful tips about the city’s most popular neighbourhoods:  



Menteng is located in the middle of Jakarta making it one of the most convenient places to be if you’re working here in a number of international and national industries and businesses. Enjoy the city’s best shopping, dining, and nightlife right at your front door. Also, if you’re thinking of settling down in a house, Menteng is known for its beautiful historic architecture and charming tree-lined streets.

Pro: You would be in the center of the city and close to most of the cosmopolitan features of Jakarta
Con: Be prepared to pay a premium price for almost everything from rent to dinner. Also, rush-hour traffic is no joke.

Moving to Jakarta

Moving to Jakarta will take you to a bustling city, complete with skyscrapers and traffic jams. Indeed, Jakarta is often considered to be the “Big Apple” of Southeast Asia. Our guide on moving to Jakarta will help you with your move by providing you with advice on housing, education, visas and more.
The Big Apple (Big Durian) of Southeast Asia is the economic, political and cultural hub of the Indonesian archipelago. With almost 10 million inhabitants, it is the largest city in Indonesia. Jakarta is a fascinating place, even though it is fighting against the negative image of being a terrorist stronghold. This prejudice arose in the wake of violent terrorist incidents across Indonesia in the past decade. Actually, most expats in Jakarta are pleased with their decision to move to Jakarta and enjoy the city’s flair.

Purchase of Property by an Expat or Indonesian Couple

The crucial preparation for purchasing property is whether or not the Indonesian spouse and the expat spouse have a prenuptial agreement for separation of property. If you do have this agreement, it would mean that the couple could legally purchase the property. This agreement must be signed before you are married.

Under Indonesian law property is jointly owned after marriage, unless there is a prenuptial agreement, and this means that property owned by the Indonesian spouse also becomes the property of the foreign spouse, which is illegal according to the Agrarian Law. Therefore the property must be sold within one year of marriage to a foreigner or converted from "hak milik" (right of ownership) to "hak pakai" (right of use) which decreases the value of the property. (Pasal 26 ayat 2) 

Using an Indonesian Nominee/Friend to hold your Title 

Another way that you can purchase a condo is by paying for the property but putting the title in the name of an Indonesian citizen. Needless to say, this must be someone you trust implicitly since, according to the law, this person would be the legal owner, no matter what verbal or written agreement that you may have between the two of you.

Buying Property in Indonesia

For many years Indonesia has decreed that land in Indonesia can only be owned by Indonesian citizens. Thus, if you want to buy a house (as a foreigner), this would have been legally impossible.

In the late 90s, new laws were enacted so that foreigners are permitted to purchase apartments and office space in Indonesia, IF the building has a strata title status. This enables the foreigner to own the apartment or office space but not the land on which it stands.

Further laws were passed in 2010 which may make it easier for expats to hold 70-year leases on land, but the particulars/interpretation/implementation of the law isn't always clear.

Indonesian Agrarian Law, Law No. 5 of 1960, governs the ownership of land in Indonesia. In it is a category of land ownership called "Hak Pakai" which mean the right to build on/use the land.  As stated in this law, foreigners are only permitted to purchase land or homes under the “Right to Use” (Hak Pakai) title.

Cloud Longue and Living Room Jakarta | Hangout

Where to hangout with your friend in Jakarta after office hour? Could Lounge & Living Room is one of the hottest spot at Jakarta with the best 360 degrees city view from 49th floor.Cloud Lounge & Living Room is located at Altitude The Plaza, the office tower from Plaza Indonesia called The Plaza 49th floor.

Once you entered the restaurant, your eyes will be amazed by the breaktaking 360 degrees city view. The best time to visit would be during sunset so you can get experience both while the sky still bright till the dark.Since December 2014, they’ve launched several new food and cocktail menu selection such as Spicy Beef Salad with Thai dressing, Lamb Shank, Churros, etc. 

Agoda.com: 4 Easy Steps Booking Premhouse Condotel

Now you can book Premhouse Condotel via www.agoda.com! It's simple:

1. Just click www.agoda.com
2. Choose Thamrin of Jakarta area
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Choosing The Right Daycare For Your Children in Jakarta

Working mom don't have to worry anymore. Leaving your children to work really gives you a hard time, huh? Especially if you don’t have a reliable person who can supervise children at home. Daycare in Jakarta are increasingly and offers many facilities nowadays. However, choosing a daycare in Jakarta had to be very observant so as not to burden you and your children in the future. So, this tips on choosing a daycare in Jakarta might help you:

Select a daycare location close to your activity. During the lunch break, you may still visit the children and doing activities together. If there is an emergency, you also could soon be near them and get less worry. Consider also if the daycare location in an office building. Daycare eligible should be on the ground floor. If using a home or building independent, consider security, should not be right on a busy main road with vehicles passing by.

List of Children and Baby Daycare Jakarta Selatan for Expat Mothers


1. TPA Ananda
Jl. Margaguna No. 1 Radio Dalam Jakarta Selatan
Phone: 7504759, 7503249

2. Tutor Time
Jl. Kemang Utara No. 6 Jakarta Selatan
Phone: 7993139, 7182087 

3. Sasana Bina Balita Melati 
Jl. Cinere Raya Blok D1 No. 13-15 Cinere Jakarta Selatan
Phone: 7547456

Children, Baby Daycare in Jakarta Pusat


1. TPA Harapan Ibu
Jl. Salemba Raya No. 28 Departemen Sosial Jakarta Pusat
Phone : 3103591, 3106552 Ext. 221

2. TPA Pertiwi
Jl. Ir. H. Juanda No. 3/31 Jakarta Pusat
Phone : 3844301

3. TPA Sylva
Gedung Manggala Wana Bhakti Lt. 1 Blok 7 

Jl. Gatot Subroto Jakarta Pusat
Phone : 5720188

Jakarta at Glance | Living in the Metropolitan City

As an expat living in Jakarta, you will be living in Indonesia’s largest city. With its 9.8 million inhabitants, Jakarta is a metropolis with international flair. Read the InterNations Guide on Jakarta for more information on Southeast Asia’s “Big Apple,” from culture to healthcare.
Although Indonesia is perhaps not the highest ranking among expat destinations, life in Jakarta can be thrilling. Due to Indonesia’s long and turbulent colonial history, the influence of the Dutch and Portuguese are still prevalent. There are many traces from colonial times in Jakarta, from the buildings to the way the city itself is structured.