Property Industry to See Positive Growth in 2015

The surge in the middle-income bracket is predicted to have a positive impact on the growth of property in 2015, also favored by the development of much-needed infrastructure, such as toll roads in several regions. 

The prospects of the Indonesian property industry for 2015 are predicted to remain positive, driven by demand for products catering to the middle-class segment. The middle-class segment in 2015 is expected to grow to 90 million people, reflecting high purchasing power, according to an analyst.

The population grows 1.49 percent annually, leading to rising demand for residential property. “However, discrepancy between supply and demand for residential property reached around 15 million units in 2013,” the analyst said in a discussion themed “Housing Estate-Property Prospect and Business Opportunities 2015” held by recently. 

Rent or Buy? | When the Calculation is Unbalanced [2]

When the interests of housing loans program (KPR) and the incentives from developers (down payment credits) are included in investment calculations, buying an apartment in Kuningan area seems to be interesting enough. But, with 30% down payment and current interest rate, buying an apartment can be 4% more expensive than renting the same property. Whereas in last two years, buying an apartment in Kuningan is 26% cheaper than renting the same apartment.

Long-Term or Short-Term
The potential property market which becomes potential to get overvalued is the result of two main causes, i.e. first, the condition and situation of the country that relatively stable, either in macro or micro economics wise. Secondly, the sustainable national economisc growth has attracted a lot of foreign investors to invest in Indonesia. By the time, it will lead the expatriates to come, and it stimulates the growth of residences demands.

Rent or Buy? | When the Calculation is Unbalanced [1]

Johan and Jenny Wijaya are lucky couple. When they decided to buy property four years ago, around 2010, the time was right: it was before the property market getting "leap". This couple bought an apartment in Kuningan area, Jakarta Selatan, a mall-apartment-office superblock (trending complex built by developer nowaday). The apartment was bought in a value worth of IDR 3 billion.

Lesser than three years afterward, Johan and Jenny realized that the property market indications were starting to get bubbled. Both of them then decided to sell their apartment and were back to rent a house instead.

House for Rent at Pondok Indah, South Jakarta | Premhouse List ID 5484

Pondok Indah is an upscale residential area in Kebayoran Lama, Jakarta Selatan. Commonly dubbed the 'Beverly Hills' of Indonesia, this is a much sought-after suburb by expatriates due to the proximity to the Jakarta International School. Ciputra and Brasali, one of the Indonesia's pioneers for real estate developer and the Metropolitan Kentjana Group which built Pondok Indah around year of 1970's into the most prestigious and complete residential complex and commercial area in Indonesia. Visit our website: House for Rent at Pondok Indah, Jakarta Selatan

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Serviced Apartment | Temporary Housing

After your arrival in Jakarta, you and your family will be spending an enormous amount of energy trying to set up your new lives. The immediate tasks include: getting settled into your job, finding a house or apartment, getting your kids enrolled in school, buying or leasing a car, learning your way around town, hiring household staff, getting involved in the community and making new friends. 

Your company may advise or require you to stay in a hotel or serviced apartment until you are able to locate suitable housing. If this is the case, ask the company to book you in a hotel or apartment that is near the neighborhood you are most likely to live in. Hotel Kristal is a favorite choice, because it is conveniently located to the Cilandak or Pondok Indah Campus of the Jakarta Intercultural School and your children can start school from this temporary residence while you seek a permanent home. 
Poolside at Hotel Kristal in South Jakarta
Many of the serviced apartments offer suite rooms with kitchenettes which are great for families or people that quickly get tired of eating out continuously. Be sure your temporary residence has broadband internet connections in the rooms so that you can easily get connected with the world 24 hours a day. Other alternatives to the traditional hotel are emerging in Jakarta. Some companies may have a guest house where your family can stay for several weeks in a much homier atmosphere. 

Tips of Searching Houses in Online Website

In digital era, to search the houses from online advertising is surely saving our time. The consumers can compare easily when they are searching for various houses specifications which they are interested to. Nevertheless it could be such a double-edges sword. There are some risks that shall be calculated.

1. There are bunch of online websites which display property advertisements. Before entering to the one of those houses-selling-websites, please check in advance the reputation of the website. Select the website that has gained credibility.

Tips and Tricks | How to Repair Interior Doors

Doors that won't shut or latch properly are annoying, but once you diagnose the problem the fix is usually easy. Even if your door has been binding for years, we'll show you how to identify the problem and repair it quickly and inexpensively.

Problem: Door binds along outside top edge

When a door binds, it almost always sticks along the latch side near the top. You can usually see the wear there. Check for loose screws in the top hinge plate. Tightening the screws may work for the short term, but they often come loose again because the original hole is stripped. Rather than trying to repair the hole in the wood, replace one of the loose screws with a longer one. 

The intent is to drive the new screw beyond the existing jamb and into the trimmer stud behind. In order to hit the stud, choose the screw hole closest to the stop (photo 1), otherwise, the new screw will likely miss the stud altogether. Make sure the new screw is long enough to get through the jamb, the shim space and into the stud. A No. 8, 3-in. will usually do just fine.

Apartment for Rent at Kemang Village |

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Indonesia Property Investment Conference 2015

A conference that is aimed for inviting the investors, developers, banks, contractors, architects, property agents, brokers and other property related business to get to know better about the most updates information in property industry. Held by Property-in Magazine and taken place in Mulia Senayan Hotel Jakarta, on January 20th 2105.

Speakers are experts in property industry i.e. Todd Lauchlan (Country Head of Jones Lang LaSelle Indonesia, Panangian Simanungkalit (Founder of Panangian School of Property) and Anton Sitorus (Director of Research and Consultancy of PT Property Connection Indonesia in partnership with Saville).

Useful Information: Rental Property Maintenance Tips for Summer

Rental property maintenance tips for summerThe Xmas and New Year period can be a busy and stressful period not only for landlords but also property managers, tenants and tradesmen. There can often be financial constraints over this period and many people find themselves running out of time in the day as the silly season kicks off. The rental market often slows down, tenants can be hard to get hold of, tradesmen shut down for the holidays and the Tenancy Tribunal often faces pressure and delays as applications for rent arrears increase.
This article aims to shed some ideas so landlords can put a strategy in place and be prepared for potential problems. Like tenants, many landlords may be on holiday during this time so being organised can ensure that the "ball keeps rolling" on the management of your property or portfolio. If you can prepare for the below issues before they arise you will be a step ahead of the game.

Ideas for Small Space in Apartment

Living in a small space is tough, especially when your decorating options are limited by rental rules and landlord laws. Let these ideas inspire you to make the home (and space) you want. 

Gallery Display
Use floating shelves to show off a collection of decorative objects and mementos. Stagger the shelves for a unique look. Basic shelves serve as a strong basis for rotating displays. They will go with almost anything, which means you can change the look of the vignette, leaving the shelves in place and avoid making any more holes in your apartment walls. 

Apartment Maintenance Checklist

Proper apartment maintenance prevents unnecessary expenses for apartment leasing companies and property tenants. Regular general upkeep will also ensure optimal living conditions, and may help prevent accidents. 

In addition to simple tasks, such as regular cleaning, apartments should receive regular inspections and renovations if necessary. If you are an apartment tenant and are unsure of how to fix a maintenance problem in your unit, be sure to contact your property maintenance team to assist you in resolving the issue.

5 Strategies to Decluttering a Small Space

It is a lot harder to keep an apartment or small house organized and tidy — but it is critical that you do so. It only takes one pile of papers and one box to overwhelm a smaller space. What to do?
We asked organizing and de-cluttering guru Nicole Anzia of Neatnik in Washington DC what her top five strategies are for harnessing chaos in smaller homes and apartments. Here's what she said…
The Top Five Strategies for Decluttering a Small Space:
Embrace Storage Containers: People often think, "My apartment or home is so small, I can't fit a filing cabinet, bookshelves or a desk," but if you don't buy the appropriate storage products, things pile up quickly in a small space. In other words, embrace the fact that you have stuff and like to have certain things around — that's what makes you interesting. Just find a way to manage it all so you don't feel overwhelmed by it.

Apartment Renting 101: What Every First Time Renter Should Know

You’ve saved up some money and landed a good job. Now you’re ready to become a first time renter and move out of your relatives’ home.  If you want to leave the nest on strong footing, there are some important things to consider.

Keep in mind that moving out of the house means learning to pay bills on time, and the rent bill should be your highest priority when it comes to spending your money. 

Apartment Maintenance Tips

Most tenants are more than happy to leave maintenance to the landlord. After all, maintenance service is a primary benefit of renting. That said, service calls are intrusive. And in the long run, you'll pay for damage to your unit caused by neglect. Protect your peace of mind and your security deposit by following a few basic apartment maintenance tips.

Keep the Refrigerator Working Efficiently

Dirty coils hold in heat and make your refrigerator's motor work harder to cool the inside compartments. Keep coils clean by removing the cover from below the door and vacuuming out the dust that has accumulated. While you're there, remove the drip pan from underneath the coils. Wash it well, and check the drain for clogs before replacing it. Next, check the freezer. It needs to be defrosted if more than 1/4 inch of ice has accumulated on the walls. Don't chip away at it with a sharp object. Instead, remove the contents to a cooler, place a pan underneath the ice to catch the drips, and either let the ice melt at room temperature or help it along with a blow dryer.

Helpful Tips For Apartment Living

Moving Tips
  • Forward Your Mail - It is important to have your mail forwarded before you move.  It can take up to three weeks for your mail to effectively be forwarded from one address to another creating potential delays in receiving your mail.  You can forward your mail in person at the post office or via their website.
  • Transfer Utilities - Call your utility companies as soon as you know your moving plans.  This will allow enough time for the utility companies (electric, gas etc.) to provide you with a smooth transition to your new home.  The earlier you set up cable/high speed/phone service, the quicker your installation date will hopefully be.  Maybe even your move-in day!

Idea and Inspiration | Classic Original Dining Room

In your intensive paced lives a little calm is always follow, so use a little time to stop work and take in the Cool retro Dining Room. This Classic Original Dining Room Ideas is good impression. Besides, attach the Dining Room with a simple pattern will keep away from the overpowering gorgeous dining room design. 

Classic Original Dining Room Ideas has design with inspiring feeling, mix the awesome and innovative style can be makes inspiring Dining Room although on a simple space. Classic Original Dining Room Ideas is one of awesome ideas, simple placement and perfect decor makes this Dining Room displaying a catchy design. In our mobile paced lives a little comfort is always close, so spend a little time to relax and receive the Great retro Dining Room. 

Idea and Inspiration | Luxurious Apartment Living Room

Dazzling Amazing Smart Living Room
Desire of Living Room atmosphere combine all of ideas in these interesting room and be refined with touch of majestic accent. In our quick paced lives a little serenity is always come, so spend a little time to feel at home and take in the Impressive contemporary Living Room. 

Fabulous, the design above is innovative result of innovative Living Room tone, this Dazzling Amazing Smart Living Room is related with luxurious apartment living room that we have discussed previously. The attractive luxurious apartment living room with retro concept that give us an inspiration to make over our home Living Room style. The designer has piece together this Charm visualizations of Dazzling Amazing Smart Living Room inspired by contemporary Living Room design and luxurious apartment living room, describe a Charm touch.

Quick Window-Cleaning Tips

Put away the ladder. Here's your insider's guide to the easiest way to wash winter away.

Biggest Challenges 
1. Dirty sills and frames
2. Dusty, grimy screens
3. Spotty, smeared glass
Fastest Fixes
Give dirt the brush-off. We know — going at the glass with the cleaner is the most satisfying part. But before you squeeze that trigger, pull back the blinds or curtains, open the window, and inspect its sill, frame, and tracks for obvious crud and cobwebs. Sweep out debris using the small-handled brush that comes with your dustpan. (Skip this step, and you risk a mess later, since the loose dirt can stick to your wiping towel and smear the glass.) Also handy: a cloth-wrapped screwdriver for flicking out dead bugs or hard-to-reach gunk.

10 Inspiring Bedrooms Stylish Despite Their Small Spaces

Some of our favorite bedrooms only have about 18-24" on either side of the bed. That makes about 8' to 9' of width for a bedroom with a queen size bed, which is pretty darn small. But check out how great a compact bedroom can be!

9 Things to Check For in a New House

These quick fixes will save you loads of future headaches. This article originally appeared on 

A new house can be so exciting: The decorating possibilities! The organizational ideas! But before you start moving in your stuff and arranging your furniture, check off these must-do maintenance tasks to make sure everything is safe and in working order: 

1. Change the locks
 "You just don't know how many people have a copy of the keys," says Agnes Bowman, a broker associate at Century 21 Peterson in Secaucus, NJ. When a house goes up for sale, a lot of people have access to it (think: listing agents, selling agents, and maintenance workers). Plus, you can't be sure who the previous owners offered a spare set. If the house has an alarm system, remember to change the code. And don't forget the garage door.

25 Kitchen Design Ideas For Your Home

Gone are the days when a kitchen was merely considered as a simple room with a stove, sink and icebox, the tantalizing aroma of fresh coffee and whistling sound of pressure cookers politely closed off from the formal living room. Fast forward to today, kitchen is glorified as the main family rebonding area and entertainment center to fulfill our never ending munching desires along with modern appliances, gorgeous finishes, granite counter tops, elegant cabinets, walk-in pantries and meal-planning desks and usually homey backyard views. 

The New Hues: Blue, Grey and Green in the Kitchen

For some time now, white has been the color of choice for kitchen cabinets. I think maybe we got fatigued by all those dark-cherry and oak cabinets in the late 90s and decided to play it safe. But now I'm noticing a new trend, one that I'm really excited about: color, especially in beautiful, cool tones like grey and green and blue, is creeping back into the kitchen.
Above: mint green cabinets in a kitchen by Petra Bindel. Doesn't this space look so cool and elegant?