Living in Pondok Indah Exclusive Area of Jakarta

Stately mansions line the major thoroughfare of Jl. Metro Pondok Indah, just south of Pondok Indah Mall I, II and III. A well planned community with tree-lined streets. Pondok Indah is the closest neighborhood to the Cilandak campus of Jakarta Intercultural School. Although it is a newer neighborhood compared to the Kemang or Cipete areas, the houses often lack the backyards that are a much enjoyed asset in the older expat neighborhoods. 

The commute to the the Golden Triangle could be as long as 45 minutes to one hour, depending on your destination and traffic congestion. Commute time to the British International School from the Pondok Indah area is around 45 minutes, however because the commute is going against the flow of traffic into the city, typically it is a smooth commute.

Great Home at 'Sunday Market' Area

Pejaten is a strategic location around Pasar Minggu, literally means Sunday Market, which was a fruit cultivation area developed by the Dutch government during the colonial period. The central point of the cultivation area is the traditional market of Pasar Minggu which still busy until today, regardless some shopping malls around are developed. 

House for Rent at Pejaten, Pasar Minggu 'Sunday Market' South Jakarta | List ID 5578
Detail and Facilities: 3BR, 2 bathroom, 1 maid room, 1 maid bathroom, 300 sqm land size, 250 sqm building size, furnished, excellent condition, 3300 electricity power, SHM certificate.

Permata Hijau Area May Become Great Choice!

Permata Hijau, literally means 'green diamond', it is an area where you may not find such giant shopping malls or office buildings but it makes a perfect option for the families who have children. There are plenty of greenery surrounds and scheduled back streets make Permata Hijau suitable, either for you or your family who like taking morning walks or jogging. 

From world renowned designer labels to specialty Indonesian goods that are found nowhere else, the city of Jakarta pulls out all the stops when it comes to an all-encompassing retail experience. Frequented by shopaholics from across the region and the globe the sheer diversity of shopping venues on offer in the Indonesian capital makes it one of the most shopper-friendly areas in the country. Littered with sky scraping malls and sprawling traditional markets shopping in Jakarta is anything but ordinary as bargains and fantastic deals can be had at every turn.

Premhouse Useful Info | Shopping in Jakarta

Shopping can be seen as a national sport for Indonesians, both honorary and native. The immense variety of shopping malls, markets and boutiques makes Jakarta a shopper’s paradise. Like most countries in Asia, Jakarta boasts extravagant world-class malls with designer stores galore, as well as smaller local designer boutiques. Renowned designers and interior decorators often visit Jakarta and showcase their latest creations both at runway shows and special exhibitions at the many malls around the city. 

Malls in Jakarta
Visiting shopping malls is a central activity in the lives of many Jakartans. Malls provide an escape from the heat, humidity and rain, and the many entertainment options makes them pivotal in the lifestyle of Jakartans and expats alike. Shopping malls in Jakarta can be described as lifestyle centres. Expats can leave the mall with a fresh new haircut, after getting a massage, enjoying international cuisine and buying stationary, a pair of shoes, and food for their pets. Malls are truly the cornucopia of shoppers, where products are bountiful, ever-changing and always following the latest trends.

House Hunting Tips in Jakarta

In Jakarta, the easiest way to find a house or an apartment is to use an agent. Alternatively, you can find ads for houses and flats for rent in the Jakarta Post newspaper. You can also find a lot of homes for rent (through agents) at the website If you are on a limited budget, finding a home on your own and negotiating a lease directly with the house or apartment owner, may cost you less, as the owner saves the fee that the agent usually gets. Small towns around the country will often not have property agents, and oftentimes also not many houses for rent, but the people in your workplace can help you find a place. In most cases the rent can be negotiated - whether you find your home through an agent or on your own.

Following are some tips and information that may be helpful for those who have recently arrived. The information is mainly geared to people who will be staying in Jakarta, but some of the info can be useful also if you are settling in other parts of Indonesia.

Dream of a Place at Casa Grande

Casa Grande Residence is one superblock concept developed at Casablanca on a land area of 9.5 hectares and is equipped with all facilities available including grand lobby, private elevator access, swimming pool, swimming kids, jacuzzi and exercise, fitness room, jogging track, children playground, barbecue area, gazebo and other facilities. You will definitely enjoy the beauty of moderm minimalist concept remarkable in Casa Grande Residence.

Enjoying your inner city living unobstructed was merely just an imagination. Dream of a place where you could sit back and relax, nestled in your private space after a long and productive day. Placed at an outstanding address provides convenient access to a full range of retail neighborhood; from local shops to major shopping centers, services, amenities and transport. Strategically located at the prestigious south Jakarta, Casa Grande Residence gives you easy access both to business district and industrial area as well, with only few minutes from the highway and also the downtown.

If you're looking for apartment for sale in Casa Grande Residence please check this one which may suit to your need!

How to Live Stylishly in a Studio Apartment

If there's one thing that gets a bad rap in design, it's the studio apartment. Often a rental with very little in the way of space, studios must do it all without room to spare. While it is a tall order, we found a place that does it just right. Tucked away in the Upper West Side of Manhattan, this studio is just as relaxing as it is energizing. Keeping rental restrictions and their client Jamie's laid-back style in mind, designers Lindsay Boswell and Ali Levin of LABLstudio created an urban oasis filled with ideas that anyone would sacrifice square footage for.

Mixing earthy and glamorous touches, this "hidden gem" evolved into a room suitable for sleeping, living, and entertaining. Getting creative with the space, Boswell and Levin incorporated unexpected pops of color using removable wallpaper and made sure every piece served a variety of purposes. The result proves that size isn't everything! Keep reading for a full studio tour and Lindsay and Ali's favorite tricks for decking out a small space. 

Premhouse SmartMap | Apartment for Living in Permata Hijau

Permata Hijau at Simprug is around 20 minutes from end of Jl. Sudirman where you can find beautiful house for rent or house for sale at a well planned area that have wide, tree-lined streets, good infrastructure and green view. The shopping malls nearby include ITC Permata Hijau, Beliza Shopping Center, Senayan City, Plaza Senayan and Gandaria City. The View at Pakubowono is one of most popular apartment for rent besides The Somerset at Jl. Panjang which connects it to the Pondok Indah and Jakarta International School. The roadway to access Permata Hijau is typical, that is highly congested due to busway service.

Kemang Neighborhood and Apartment for Sale

Well, if you call Bangka which located at Kemang area, it is an area that traditionally has been popular to be Jakarta’s expatriate community to live in. This area provides availability of generous facilities, business center and the international school close by, as well as western supermarkets, like Kemchicks, Hero Kemang and Gourmet Garage, as well as a myriad of popular restaurants and bars. 

Useful Information for Expat | Living in Indonesia

Expats in Indonesia have very little chances to buy properties in the country due to the laws in place. Although expats may purchase the house or unit, the sale does not include the land. Nevertheless the process of purchasing real estate is a long process for expatriates.

Foreigners rent accommodations instead. The expat community in the capital Jakarta is growing; foreigners prefer to live there as commercial businesses, civil services and other amenities are located in the city. Jakarta is also an inexpensive city, compared to other metropolitan areas in Asia. Rental prices do however vary. Expats must be aware that landlords are known to rent their units for a more expensive price when dealing with expatriates.

Premhouse SmartMap | Apartments for You, Located at Thamrin area, Central Jakarta

Apartment for rent at Thamrin City area includes several apartments: Cosmo Mansion, Cosmo Residences and Cosmo Terrace which are on top of Thamrin City shopping mall. Then there are Thamrin Residence Apartment that has five apartment towers and Thamrin Executive Apartment (they are quite creative with the naming, right?). All nine apartments in this area form the Thamrin City Area, just a walking distance to Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall and Jalan Thamrin and Sudirman.

Living in Duren Sawit Area in East Jakarta

Refer to Wikipedia, Duren Sawit is a subdistrict (kecamatan) of East JakartaJakartaIndonesia. The rough boundaries of Duren Sawit are I. Gusti Ngurah Rai road to the north, Kali Sunter to the west, and Kali Malang to the south. The subdistrict borders the subdistricts of Jatinegara to the west, Cakung and Pulo Gadung to the north, and Makasar to the south, and Bekasi to the east. Duren Sawit was part of Jatinegara Subdistrict until 1990. The subdistrict of Duren Sawit was established with the issuance of Presidential Decree No. 60 year 1990.

If you're looking currently for property here, a house unit available for sale in Duren Sawit area, with a great condition. For further information, please contact Premhouse Marketing: +Eta Maryani at +62-819-3292-2101 or  +62-852-15056858 | BB PIN 74196afa or email

Jakarta, Indonesia: Five Things to Do in the City

Jakarta is a fascinating city. I say this about many places we visit, but each one brings unique experiences. Yes, it’s not the cleanest place in the world, and it has few historical sights, but if you scratch the surface there’s lots to enjoy on a visit to Indonesia’s sprawling capital. Here’s what we discovered on our recent trip.

Interior Design | Sharp Superb Apartment Interior Design

Passion of Interior Design accent combine some of touch in these awesome room and be refined with touch of modish touch. Sharp Superb Apartment Interior Design is one of great ideas, perfect placement and right decor makes this Interior Design showing a pretty design.  

Elegant Property in Pondok Indah Area

The commute to the the Golden Triangle could be as long as 45 minutes to one hour, depending on your destination and traffic congestion. Commute time to the British International School from the Pondok Indah area is around 45 minutes, however because the commute is going against the flow of traffic into the city, typically it is a smooth commute. 

While a lot of the appeal for you is the proximity to the school, it really is pretty nice to live in Pondok Indah area. The neighborhood is frequent and there is also a lot less open burning of trash, which is nice. You can run outside on well-maintained, low traffic streets, surrounded by trees, instead of stepping across broken asphalt worrying that you will have to jump into a filthy canal to avoid the motorcyclist whizzing by. That's a huge benefit that makes nearly every day significantly more pleasant!

Dining with the Stars ☆

Jakarta is a huge metropolis that keeps growing in superficies but also in altitude, and when you rise above the ground floor, it is a totally different place. With its sparkling lights spreading as far as you can see, she can even make you fall in love with her again, or for the first time. Indonesia Expat has tracked down the best spots in town to dine with a view.

Skye at BCA Tower

Skye should be on everybody who lives or transits in Jakarta’s bucket list. Located on the 56th floor, the rooftop of BCA Tower near H.I. roundabout, it of course offers an amazing view of the city, but also a chill-out atmosphere and surprisingly good food. New chef Hamish Lindsay from New Zealand might have a little something to do about it as he took control of the kitchen a few months ago, making significant changes to the menu. 

Living in Pejaten at South Jakarta

Pejaten is a strategic location around Pasar Minggu, literally means Sunday Market, which was a fruit cultivation area developed by the Dutch government during the colonial period. The central point of the cultivation area is the traditional market of Pasar Minggu which still busy until today, regardless some shopping malls around are developed.

House for Sale in Siaga Raya, Pejaten | List ID 4609
Detail and Facilities: 4BR, 4 bathroom, 261 sqm land size, 218 sqm building size, furnished, excellent condition, SHM certificate.

Enjoying Lifestyle in Exclusive Area of Pondok Indah

Pondok Indah is an upscale residential area in Kebayoran Lama, Jakarta Selatan. Commonly dubbed the 'Beverly Hills' of Indonesia, this is a much sought-after suburb by expatriates due to the proximity to the Jakarta International School. Ciputra and Brasali, one of the Indonesia's pioneers for real estate developer and the Metropolitan Kentjana Group which built Pondok Indah around year of 1970's into the most prestigious and complete residential complex and commercial area in Indonesia.

Pondok Indah is famed for its tropical and it has been one of the cities poshest and most affluent residential areas. There are the tree lined streets and huge mansions, where the local people or foreign residents take it for some particular reasons. You can find some international and national-plus schools around, and also some entertainment and recreation at Pondok Indah Malls I and II, where you can find the popular water park and classy golf course. 

Elite Housing Area in Menteng at Central Jakarta

Menteng area which close to Jl. Thamrin and Jl. Sudirman, is known for Dutch colonial era mansions. Hence there are a lot of houses that considered as historical landmarks. In this area you can old buildings for bank, business district, besides the embassies, ambassadors' residences and other senior Indonesian officials. Menteng with an old infrastructure, surrounded by tall and shady trees and narrow street, is such a prestigious area and therefore the rents are high. Listing of house for rent or house for sale are available with large size in convenient area. 

Menteng remains being popular for the housing much with the upper-class elite and ambassadors where the house of former President Soeharto was living ad yet his family is still there. The location of Menteng is so full of historical moments for Jakarta. Hence, living here can be quite expensive for certainclass of society. The environment here is a bit less of crowd, even tends to be quiet, with the trees and green garden around at city park and fountain.

Cilandak Area for Home Living in Jakarta

Cilandak is one of the greener districts in Jakarta, the Cilandak district had for long been the option of many for residence and finding tranquility. The area is not necessarily packed with hyperactive entertainment spots or soaring business towers but that does not necessary puts it in the ‘underdeveloped’ category. The area is a perfect residential choice for those who do not wish to be over-exposed to Jakarta’s bustle.
For those with a penchant for sports, there is a well-known football stadium in Lebak Bulus which has had its share of musicians and national footballers lending their grace their from time to time. However, this does not mean that other sports are neglected, as the rest are just as excellent, if not famed.

Where to Buy Property in Jakarta, Indonesia

The hot and humid busy city of Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia. Also the largest city in the nation, it holds the record for being the most populated city in Southeast Asia and 12th largest city in the world and the second largest metropolitan area in the world. Jakarta’s first name was Sunda Kelapa, then Jayakarta, then Batavia and finally Djakarta before it became Jakarta in 1972.

As it is the political and economic capital of this Asian archipelago, Jakarta pulls many foreign and local settlers. This mix has created it to become a crazy cosmopolitan city with an equally crazy mix of cultures. Jakarta is called “The Big Durian” by expatriates living in the city. The durian is a tropical fruit with a strong distinctive smell and is an acquired taste.

Premhouse Design Reference | 10 Living Room Design Tips [2]

Use these living room design ideas to make your living room a comfortable, inviting place to gather with family and friends.
Related post Premhouse Design Reference | 10 Living Room Design Tips [2]

6. Arrange Furniture for Conversation
Living rooms are gathering spaces, so usefurniture arrangement to promote conversation and interaction. Pull seating pieces away from the walls and arrange them to face each other. If you have a large living room, break it into two conversational groups for a more comfortable, intimate feeling. Chairs andottomans that can be pulled into the group as needed allow you to expand the circle and still keep the intimacy.

Useful Information: Jakarta Guide [2]

The video above is information about Daily Rented Apartment at Thamrin and Sudirman, the Jakarta business and shopping area.

Located in Central Jakarta, Sudirman - Thamrin are very strategic since they are close to central business districs. Well known as The Golden Triangle area (Jl. Sudirman, Jl. Gatot Subroto and Jl. Rasuna Said, For those who like to be at the heart of the action, and don't need to be located in South Jakarta to be near schools for their children, the apartment-living lifestyle of the Golden Triangle can be very attractive. Within a few kilometers of most major office buildings, commute time is minimal and in some cases within walking distance. 

Useful Information: Jakarta Guide [1]

For the majority of its residents, Jakarta is a city of promise. The lure of jobs and a better life has caused the city’s population to escalate at an alarming rate, to more than 10 million. Visually unprepossessing, this is a city of monotonous skyscrapers, apartment buildings, shopping malls and traffic-choked highways, with few green spaces to break things up. More positively, the nation’s largest metropolis has a rich cultural life, with an abundance of performing and visual arts, and a laid-back, courteous persona. 

Premhouse Design Reference | 10 Living Room Design Tips [1]

Use these living room design ideas to make your living room a comfortable, inviting place to gather with family and friends.

1. Set the Mood with Color
The colors you choose for your living roomwill affect how guests feel in the space. Colors can energize or relax the space, depending on how intense they are and how warm or cool they are. A serene scheme of soft blue and white makes this spacious living room feel calm, cool, and collected--a gracious setting for elegant gatherings. A light tan carpet underfoot warms the space and keeps the cool tones in balance.

Home Design | The Strange Allure of Swedish Estate Agents

The best-kept secret for interiors inspiration? Swedish estate agents. The Swedish half of design duo Att Pynta, Amanda Nelson, reveals three websites worth bookmarking...

The online shop Att Pynta specialises in stylish, functional homeware at very accessible prices. Beautifully-crafted Welsh wool throws for £60? Yes, please. Run by a Swede and a Brit living in London (they also sell at east London's Broadway Market) Amanda Nelson and Kai Price bonded over their love of the Scandinavian aesthetic while working together in the fashion industry. Att Pynta was born, which they describe as 'a destination for Scandinavian style and interiors without breaking the bank'.

In addition to the online shop, Att Pynta post an array of inspirational imagery on their blog. When quizzed about this, they revealed a curious source: Swedish estate agents' websites. As Amanda reveals below, they are an unlikely (yet highly-effective) destination for beautiful homes. Take it away, Amanda...

After and Before | A Functional Kitchen Layout With Period Details

After: Modern Layout, Classic Details
Sometimes the simplest solution is also the best, especially when righting past renovation wrongs. So thought Rina and Brittain Stone after seeking the advice of architect Kurt Sutherland in solving the layout and traffic-flow problems of their 1749 Dutch Colonial's kitchen in Accord, New York. The kitchen was in a small, closed-off addition put on 100 years after the house was built and was configured in the 1960s as a U-shape with honey-hued cabinetry and marbleized laminate counters. This made the space feel crowded, and it looked dated by today's standards.

The architect's plan was straightforward: Bust out the bottom of the "U" to create an efficient galley with prep, cooking, and cleanup stations arrayed along two walls instead of three. By relocating the back door and enlarging the passageway into the adjoining living room so the two line up, Sutherland was able to open up the kitchen to both indoors and out, while rerouting foot traffic away from the main work zone. Period details such as painted cabinets, soapstone counters, and an apron-front sink unite the space with the rest of the 18th-century farmhouse.

Before: Cramped with Closed Cabinet Space 

Wallpaper Repairs Made Easy

Wallpaper has always been a quick, colorful way to give a room style and visual interest. Unfortunately, ripped seams, bubbles, tears and other damage are common. And if you don't fix these problems right away, you'll end up having to replace the entire piece of wallcovering. The good news is, fixing wallpaper isn't especially difficult, though it does take a few specialized tools and techniques.

We'll focus on the three most common wall-paper repairs: loose seams, punctures and trapped air bubbles. To make repairs as invisible as possible, work slowly and carefully. Rushing yields sloppy work that's much harder to fix the second time around.

Home Design | Idea for Small Kitchens

What these small kitchens lack in space, they make up for with style. Their secret? Good storage is the ultimate small kitchen commandment. Providing you adhere to that rule, tiny kitchens can be decorated to suit every taste - from a cosy country cottage to contemporary. Below, we've included our favourite small kitchen design ideas. Feeling inspired? Discover these ideas for small spaces, including small living rooms and small bedrooms. After all, even if your space is small, you can always think big.