Expat Living Guide in Jakarta | Importance of Early Childhood Education [2]

Things to Look for in Preschool Curriculum
It is important that when considering an early education facility, caregivers and teacher in the facility have knowledge of the cultural supports for the language and literacy learning of the children and families they are serving. They need to have sufficient skills in guiding small groups of children in order to give full attention to individual young children’s language and literacy efforts. They need to be able to draw out shy children while they help very talkative ones begin to listen to others as well as to speak. Caregivers or teachers need to arrange environments that are symbol rich and interesting without being overwhelming to infants and toddlers. Even the simplest exchange becomes a literacy lesson when it includes the warmth of a relationship coupled with words, their concepts, and perhaps a graphic symbol.

Expat Living Guide in Jakarta | Importance of Early Childhood Education [1]

Early childhood is a crucial stage of life in terms of a child's physical, intellectual, emotional and social development. Growth of mental and physical abilities progress at an astounding rate and a very high proportion of learning takes place from birth to age six. It is a time when children particularly need high quality personal care and learning experiences.

Education begins from the moment the child is brought home from the hospital and continues on when the child starts to attend playgroups and kindergartens. The learning capabilities of humans continue for the rest of their lives but not at the intensity that is demonstrated in the preschool years. With this in mind, babies and toddlers need positive early learning experiences to help their intellectual, social and emotional development and this lays the foundation for later school success.

First Three Years 
During the first three years parents will be the main influence in the child’s learning experience and education. What parents do and expose their children to have a vast impact on the development of the child. Parents sometimes forget that an interested parent can have a tremendous impact on a child’s education at any age.

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Open from Tuesday to Saturday 6pm to 2am, Rooftop entertains their guests with various live band shows that play disparate kinds of music while pampering the guests’ tummies with delicious dishes and a great selection of drinks. 

Strategies for Guiding Children Towards Self Direction

"One evening, I was watching the interaction and listening to the conversation between my husband and my daughter. She was only five years old then. She had taken a story book and was flipping the pages and trying to read it. Not long after that, she sighed, looking sad and putting the book aside. I could see that she was feeling disappointed. Clouding around her was a sense of self defeat and acceptance that she could not read.

My husband saw her situation; in his wisdom, he quietly came along side and gently put her on his lap. He reached out, selected an interesting story book with big words, and suggested to our daughter, “Let’s read together.” With a smile, he started. Soon, my daughter encouraged by her daddy’s enthusiasm started reading. When they finished reading, her daddy with absolute joy said to my daughter, “Carina, you can read. There are some words you still have to learn but you can read. You are a reader!”  My daughter was delighted, from her expression, I could see that she was amazed at the realization that she could read. It was a pivotal moment for my daughter, within minutes there was a transformation of the mind from “I cannot read to I can read”."

Choosing a Preschools in Indonesia 2

Not to be ignored is the actual location of the school in proximity to your residence. Driving by the area on a Sunday afternoon is not indicative of what traffic patterns will be like during the week.

Will your child have to ride through rush-hour traffic to get to school each morning or can you find a good school closer to home? Try timing the run to the school in the morning rush hour and see how long it takes. If the school is located near a major intersection, near a market or other large school, traffic may be a major problem at drop off and pick up times.

While the 'perfect' school for your child may not be conveniently located in relation to your home, you may find an alternative good school where the location won't necessitate a lot of time spent transporting your child. The convenience of the location may outweigh other factors.

Choosing a Preschools in Indonesia 1

Within large cities in Indonesia you will find a wide variety of preschool options for your young children. From informal play groups with friends, to neighborhood kindergartens (taman kanak-kanak or TK), to international standard preschools - your needs will be met.

Some preschools organize Moms and Tots programs for 1-2 year olds who are preparing to enter a preschool program. There are also many extracurricular activities, including physical play, music, art and other social opportunities for young children which are organized by community organizations or through commercial entities.

List of Foreign Embassies in Indonesia

As a foreign resident of Indonesia, you will undoubtedly have need to be in touch with your embassy for a variety of reasons. Some of the most common are:
  1. Renewal of your passport or the issuance of other official documents
  2. Assistance with tax information
  3. Provision of business-related information
  4. Provision of emergency information or evacuation in the event of an emergency
  5. Coordination of community events for national days and other significant events in your culture
Most embassies advise resident expats that they register their presence in Indonesia with the Consular office in order that the above can be carried out. Some embassies have Consulates in other cities in Indonesia, usually Surabaya, Medan and/or Denpasar. Contact the embassy if you need information on a Consulate outside of Jakarta. Foreign Consulates in Bali

List of Foreign Embassies in Indonesia, click for link:
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Beautiful House for Beautiful Family Living

Pondok Indah, literally means "beautiful house", is a district famed for its tropical and has been one of the cities poshest and most affluent residential areas. There are tree lined streets and huge mansions, where the local people or foreign residents take it for some particular reasons. You can find some international and national-plus schools around, and also some entertainment and recreation at Pondok Indah Malls I and II, where you can find the popular water park and classy golf course. 

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Get Your Steps Now to Kebayoran Baru Area!

Kebayoran Baru which the urban planning of the area was designed during the post-independence period, is becoming a great location to stay and live, since the design was following the principle of a garden city that is popular during this era. It is one of the most affluent areas of Jakarta, where many wealthy citizens reside, which being known for its lifestyle businesses. Residences here are primarily chosen, especially by expats. is easy to be reached and not quite far from Pattimura Elementary campus of the Jakarta Intercultural School. It is also near Jakarta Stock Exchange, Energy Building and Bapindo Tower which make it preferable location to stay and live especially for executives and expatriates who work at the center of business district area. 

If you or your family love to go for shopping, there are a lot of close by shopping mall and shopping center, such as Pacific Place, Pasaraya, Blok M, Senayan City, FX Center and Plaza Senayan. The major streets can be quite congested, yet most side streets are quiet. 10 to 30 minute commute to the Golden Triangle area, depending on your destination. The flyover project for Jl. Antasari has actually increased traffic congestion in the area, where many ambassadors have their residences.

Enjoying the Green Views around Pondok Indah!

Pondok Indah is the closest neighborhood to the Cilandak campus of Jakarta Intercultural School. Stately mansions line the major thoroughfare of Jl. Metro Pondok Indah, just south of Pondok Indah Mall I, II and III. A well planned community with tree-lined streets. Although it is a newer neighborhood compared to the Kemang or Cipete areas, the houses often lack the backyards that are a much enjoyed asset in the older expat neighborhoods. 

The commute to the the Golden Triangle could be as long as 45 minutes to one hour, depending on your destination and traffic congestion. Commute time to the British International School from the Pondok Indah area is around 45 minutes, however because the commute is going against the flow of traffic into the city, typically it is a smooth commute.   

Premhouse Useful Info | MO Bar for the Expats or Executives Living in Urban City Jakarta

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Housing in Cipete Raya Neighborhood Jakarta

Cipete Raya is well known and lies in South Jakarta where you can find various cafes, resto and shopping centers if you'd like to hangout around such back streets that may be not too crowded. This place is quite attractive and here are many houses around under the shadow of green trees. Living in this area has become interest of many Jakartans and perhaps for you too! This area is quite strategic and can be accessed easily. Many of local and expats families are happy to stay their living here and you may consider the same as well. 

Pondok Indah, the Beverly Hills of Jakarta

Pondok Indah is an upscale residential area in Kebayoran Lama, South Jakarta, Indonesia. Dubbed the 'Beverly Hills' of Indonesia, this is a much sought-after suburb by expatriates due to the proximity to the Jakarta International School. Ciputra and Brasali, Indonesia's pioneers real estate developer and the Metropolitan Kentjana Group built Pondok Indah in the 70s into the most prestigious and complete residential complex and commercial area in Indonesia.

Reportedly, the median salary for expatriate residents is US$357,200 annually plus benefits; however, this is difficult to verify as the Indonesian government does not publicly release these figures. Houses in this suburb can run upwards to millions of U.S. dollars. Many mansions in the area comprise one to three floors, with designated quarters for household staffs. Many of the larger mansions are inhabited by wealthy Indonesians. The 'Jakarta Post' estimates that 74.5% of residents in Pondok Indah are expatriates, following their annual survey of Indonesia. (Jakarta Post, issue 6 edition 21, January 6, 2007) Most expatriate children in the suburb attend the Jakarta International School. Younger children are commonly accompanied to school by their nannies.

Living in Apartment in the Center of Jakarta | Batavia Apartment

Batavia Apartment located in Central Jakarta, provides such a concept of serviced residences for expatriates who living or staying in Jakarta. The location is strategic since it is close to the heart of the Golden Triangle, Jakarta's business district. 

Batavia Apartment serviced residences offer various kind of the amenities and services of a five-star hotel, while living amongst a community of expats from around the world. Hence it has become a premier housing choice for some expatriates. The extensive facilities cater to its tenants' recreation, leisure and business needs include inhouse mini market, restaurant, pool side bar, internet access and 24 hours security. For sport lovers, there are swimming pool, tennis court, squash court, sauna, jacuzzi, masseuse and street basket ball court provided. 

Hunting Residence Around Kemang Jakarta

Some people call Kemang as a "village of expat". It may be a joke, but if you go around this area you would admit that it is true. There are some compounds, side by side with some large size houses with high gates, surrounded by building of business centers, malls, resto, cafe, galleries and apartments that are built so close to each other. In this area, not only locals but many expats you will see around the places, not only the housewives or mothers, but also those with the kids in the morning or during the day, but also male expats in the evening with business attires or casual look.

If you call Kemang, it is an area that traditionally has been popular to be Jakarta’s expatriate community to live in. This area provides availability of generous facilities, business center and the international school close by, as well as western supermarkets, like Kemchicks, Hero Kemang and Gourmet Garage, as well as a myriad of popular restaurants and bars. Kemang offers residents a self contained all-in-one living experience. 

Batavia Apartment | Good Unit and Good Furniture

Batavia Apartment provides such a concept of serviced residences for expatriates who living or staying in Jakarta. The location is strategic since it is close to the heart of the Golden Triangle, Jakarta's business district. Batavia Apartment serviced residences offer various kind of the amenities and services of a five-star hotel, while living amongst a community of expats from around the world. Hence it has become a premier housing choice for some expatriates.

The extensive facilities cater to its tenants' recreation, leisure and business needs include inhouse mini market, restaurant, pool side bar, internet access and 24 hours security. For sport lovers, there are swimming pool, tennis court, squash court, sauna, jacuzzi, masseuse and street basket ball court provided.

Premhouse Useful Info | 30 Best Small Apartment Designs Ideas Ever Presented on Freshome

Do you live in a small apartment? Many of us whether by choice or necessity live in smaller apartments. We often get the feeling that some of the projects we present on Freshome don’t get the attention they deserve. And the ideas presented in these 30 small apartments designs below are definitely worth a second look. We know most of you are looking for clever ways to enhance space in your home, which is why we decided to put this post together. As you can see, every photo is linked to the original article, where you will find plenty of images and information about each of the small apartments lined up below.

Apartment for Rent at Casa Grande, Kota Kasablanka Jakarta

Apartment for Rent in Casa Grande Residence. Casa Grande Residence is a 4 tower apartment complex adjacent to the Kota Kasablanka super block in Kuningan Casablanca, South Jakarta. It consists of Office88 Office Tower and Prudential Office Tower and the prominent mall of Kota Kasablanka, Casa Grande Residence quickly reputed itself as the new favorite among expats looking for apartment for rent in Casablanca Kuningan area, especially for those of Japanese and Koreans.