Lifestyle Concept for Jakarta Property Week 2015

Jakarta Property Week 2015 presented a new approach of a property exhibition concept. We have merely known that property expo has been held very often, not only in Jakarta but also in other big cities in Indonesia, include Bandung, Surabaya, Medan, etc. But the people today seems to be willing to experience something new when they go and visit such large scale expo. In regard to this, the online portal has initiated to organize Jakarta Property Week 2015. What is the difference in comparison with previous ones? Let's have a look! 

Jakarta Property Week 2015, is held in Balai Kartini Jakarta, on September 17th to 20th 2015, with a quite different theme, i.e. lifestyle, which relates to buying, building and living, as well as an option of preferable destinations of where people will find a property as the main concept.

Ra Residence, the Serviced Apartment with a New Approach

How many residential properties in Jakarta have been recently developed with high-tech while taking an eco-friendly approach in keeping with a green environment? You won't find many. Most buildings today seem to be built with some of the most high-tech facilities and equipment only. 

It is a great challenge indeed to balance efficiency with cost effectiveness in this day and age. Just imagine the difficulties of trying to balance a successful project taking energy saving technologies, i.e. water and electricity. The buildings in which we live, work, and play protect us from the daily elements of weather, yet they also affect our health and environment in countless ways. As the environmental impact of buildings becomes more apparent, there has been a shift taking these factors into consideration. Developing buildings that will be not only run more efficiently but also more effective for a healthily life as well!

This brings us to Cilandak area and a visit to Ra Residence, a brand new building catering to expatriates and  world business travelers, not to mention discerning residents of Jakarta and beyond. This new property represents a rare opportunity to balance prestigious urban living with established high tech go-green concepts!

Tips to Optimize Benefits of Google+ for Business

The implementation of Google+ either for Business or SEO purpose, seems to keep growing, since the number of users has reached to be more than 100 million today. It may be admitted that Google has finally reached their goal to create Google+ as one of most popular social media platforms, beside Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others. Investing even a little bit of time and energy into your business page on Google+ can mean improved local search visibility, especially for a small to medium-sized business.


Having known the effectiveness of how Google+ works, Premhouse company encourages our employees or coworkers to create their own Google+ profiles if they don’t already have a profile. By doing so, they will be able to support the company business in just a couple of minutes a day, to share the posts or links uploaded in our official website and blog on their Google+ profiles. It is an easy, yet powerful way to quickly and legitimately gain social signals for a new page.