Stunning Antique Bathroom With Marble Backsplash

Stunning Antique Bathroom With Marble Backsplash is one of wonderful ideas, perfect placement and simply decor makes this Bathroom featuring a comely design. This Stunning Antique Bathroom With Marble Backsplash is creative feeling. In addition, combine the Bathroom with a simple adorn will prevented from the overpowering decorating Bathroom Designs trend.

Sold Out at Gading Serpong

This area has its own strong attraction since it has been being a new economic hub in Jabodetabek. No wonder if Paramount Land keeps developing the property aggressively there.

The investors' attention toward gold seems to be shifted, gold investment hedging is considered to be no longer sexy. In the meantime, the composite stock exchange index is fluctuating and tends to be weakened, since it is mostly pressured by foreign selling. Consequently, the investors today turn to property investment which has proven to be profitable. In history, the property selling value is never decreased, but continuing skyrocketed every year without stumbling, instead. 

Strategy for Property Assessment | Dr. Dolf De Roos

The property industry in this year is believed to show a bullish indication in second semester - the initial recovery toward the peak. In other words, it's the time to buy for the investors. The time to buy, before the price is rocketed higher, in order to be able to reach a great capital gain later.

Nevertheless, it does not mean that the developer can just take a seat calmly, waiting for a renter approaching. Before the signals of bullish is appeared, they shall have been able to anticipate with the accurate strategy.

Branding in Property | Intagible Asset of Property Industry

Pakuwon Jati Tbk (PWON) gains its capitalization value in worth of IDR 24.8 billion per December 2014. It expresses 5 times of ratio value between market capitalization and book value (P/BV) or precisely 4.99 times, based on the stock price per 1st December 2014. In other words, the book value of this company, i.e. the total assets which deducted by loans - or capital plus profit - is about IDR 5 billion, while the value of company is around IDR 25 billion.

If you buy PWON shares in stock-exchange market, it means you pay for this company in worth of IDR 25 billion value per December 2014. The value of the intangible assets of this company is 4 times of its book value.

Jakarta Shapes Up to be Asia's Hot Property Market

In the Indonesian capital of Jakarta, not even the notorious traffic congestion can slow the voracious demand for property. Roughly 10 million people live within the urban core of this vast city while a further 28 million populate the suburbs. With affluent cash-buyers and local businesses driving the housing market at a rapid pace, anyone with a hope of climbing on the property ladder has to move fast to secure value.

"The prices go up really quickly," said Afifa Loutfie Abdousaalaam, a local property investor. "If you think 'oh you know I don't have enough money now,' you're not going to then catch up with the race because property prices in Jakarta go up above 10% a year," Abdousaalaam added.