Apartment Interior Design The Best Ideas

Apartment in general, are designed smaller than ordinary house as apartments area are limited. The biggest “homework” is how we can deal with the limited space especially for its interior design. Apartment interior design is the important key to create a cozy and comfortable apartment. There are some aspects that we must know about apartment interior design. It starts from choosing the proper furniture till furniture placement or arrangement. Those two things will affect the apartment condition and environment.

Selecting the furniture

When buying furniture for the apartment especially small apartment we must use general rule, “First thing first”. Buy furniture that really you need first like stove, refrigerator, sofa or other stuffs, so that the area of your apartment is used effectively.

After arranging the furniture, then we start to design the interior like placing paintings, decorative lamps, or other decorations as long as they will not make the area looks congested. We have to consider the size of the furniture we are going to buy as we must have free space for us to move or doing activities on our apartment. 

Interior Style 

The most suitable style for apartment design is minimalist style. As stated, apartment has a limited area and it means that we must make a simple or minimalist interior design on the area. The point is cozy, comfortable and attractive. A minimalist interior design it doesn’t mean ignoring the artistic and futuristic style. 

In addition, since we are living at the apartment, minimalist interior design also will help us for cleaning the area as well as the furniture. Another thing is by the minimalist design will give extra space and will make the apartment looks spacious. 

Moreover, in case we want to have some ornaments, we have to be careful enough as many ornaments may give trouble for us, besides they will consume more spaces, many ornaments will make us difficult to clean the area too.

As summary, hereunder are some tips for apartment interior design: 

List down what you need

Make a list about what you need to be at your living room, dining room, bedroom or other areas. Since we have limited space, a multifunction room is the best solution like combining a living room with our working area at the corner, or combing a dining room with reading nook.

Use a proper size of furniture accordingly to make the area breathable.

Interior Colors

Color is the main key and the best solution for small area. For small apartment, use bright colors. Add another color for an accent and to be more attractive. In addition, placing a big mirror will help us to “expand” the area.

Space Effectiveness

Be smart enough to optimize the area. For example, buy multifunction furniture or using a vertical furniture design or we can add storage under the bedroom.

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classical Apartment Interior Design

Apartment Interior Design with wooden floor

Apartment Interior Design bedroom

Apartment Interior Design for kitchen

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